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Aaron Wexler PhD.
Senior Account Executive,
Law Firm Solutions

Aaron's role at the company is to build relationships with firms who are new to Azami's network.

He is hyper-focused on serving our members and ensuring that he adds value to their process.

Adam Graiser
Product Manager

Adam oversees all digital products that Azami offers by planning new features for existing products and determining details for new products.

He also oversees Azami's agile software development cycle.

Alinna Quitt
Renewals Team Manager

Alinna works with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure IP renewals are successfully executed across the globe.
She is always looking at ways to improve processes and enhance the customer experience.

Alister Lachman
Estimate Specialist

Alister's role is to analyse requirements and provide accurate cost estimates for our members.

In his free time, Alister enjoys fish keeping and playing soccer.

Andrew Schindel
Senior Account Executive,
Team Lead, Law Firm Solutions

Andrew is a seasoned business professional who has collaborated with IP firms all over the world.

Andy takes pride in building strong and meaningful relationships with each member of the Azami Global community. In his free time Andy enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and children.

Ariel Davis
Executive Board Member
Chief Product Officer

Prior to joining Azami, Ariel held leadership positions in firms focused on commercialization of IP. Ariel now develops new products and services, leading our global strategy and product team.

In his free time, Ariel enjoys surveying the paddocks and fields of the farm he lives on with his family.

Arik Ben Yair
Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Azami, Arik held leadership positions such as CFO, COO, and CEO in startups and corporations.
Arik specializes in business model development, leading M&A and fundraising processes.
In his free time, Arik enjoys spinning, yoga, and planning trips with his family.

Azaria Michael
Business Development Representative

Azaria is a relationship starter who excels at identifying and reaching out to potential customers. With his exceptional communication skills and attention to detail, he is adept at building strong relationships with clients and maintaining their trust. Azaria believes that persistence and patience are key to success in his role, and he consistently strives to exceed his targets.
In his free time, Azaria enjoys playing a game of chess and spending time with his family.

Batia Stricker
Business Development Representative

Batia’s role includes researching and reaching out to potential clients and existing members. She ensures quality assurance processes are implemented and supports the account executives.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Ben Milch
Business Development
Team Leader

Ben has a background in SaaS Sales and Business Development.
Ben manages Azami's Business Development Team, collaborating with the different business units to strategically identify potential Azami Members.
Ben enjoys family time and a good TV series to binge.

Beth Mayost
Business Development Representative

Beth's responsible for generating new leads and sales opportunities for the company by reaching out to potential customers via phone, email, or social media.
In her spare time Beth loves learning new things, reading books, and spending time with her family.

Brice Multer-Amsellem
Member Success Manager

"Wherever something lives, there is, open somewhere, a register where time is inscribed."

"Wherever there is joy, there is creation: the richer the joy, the deeper the creation."

-- Henri Bergson

Chaim Stepelman
Head of IP Strategy

Chaim is an Israeli Patent Attorney with a background in Mechanical Engineering.
His responsibilities include establishing the Patent Search and Analytics division, and incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the research services that Azami provides.

Christina Baker
Case Manager

Christina interacts with clients and assists them in filing national-stage patent applications globally.

She enjoys getting to know her clients and forging long term relationships in the IP community. In her free time she enjoys traveling and is an avid hiker.

Daniel Lewin
Member Success
Representative (APAC)

Daniel is a people person who has a passion for satisfying the needs of our members. He helps our members identify opportunities that increase their benefit.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys singing show tunes as well as taking walks.

Daniel Tjoernelund
Executive Board Member
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel has spent the past two decades helping fast-growing businesses connect with customers and partners around the globe, and helps Azami strengthen its member-first culture.

Daniel enjoys a good read, especially if it's around technology and business.

Danielle Karlin-Platt
Senior Account Executive

Danielle brings to Azami 20 years of global experience working with customers ranging across F500's to young startups.

Her motto in life is to find unity within diversity. Danielle enjoys spending time with her family and swimming. In addition, she is a certified yoga instructor and English teacher.

David Cozocaru
Vice President
Member Success and Services

David is a technological and business guru, with over 20 years of successful overseas experience in leading global international enterprises.

David is sensitive to the diverse cultural needs of our members and ensures that each member receives tailored services that maximize value.

Dinah Braude
Finance Specialist

Dinah's role is to help ensure that the finance processes are running smoothly. Dinah has held many roles in the company and comes with a unique perspective from both the operational and commercial side of the business.

In her free time, Dinah likes to explore the world. She has been to 30 countries so far!

Eddie Rowell
Case Manager

Eddie has extensive experience in the IP field and works diligently to research and resolve the toughest problems. Eddie enjoys learning about new technologies, IP rules, and industry changes.

Eddie enjoys spending time with his family, coaching children's sports, watching and playing basketball.

Eli Adler
Vice President

Eli has managed Global High-Tech sales teams partnering with some of the largest Global corporations for over 20 years. Eli and his Azami team search globally to bring superior value to new Azami customers.

Eli enjoys mountain cycling and quality family time.

Ester Zerbib
Senior Software Developer

Ester is a Software engineer.

She works in collaboration with Operations, Sales and Management to develop and maintain internal software systems and code-based solutions.

Ester's new hobby is knitting.

Ezra Starr
Member Success Manager (Americas), MSR Team Lead

Ezra works together with our members to help them maximize the benefits that Azami Global can bring to their firms and clients.

He tries to listen and provide practical solutions that match our member's needs.

Gabriella Sopher
Manager, Vendor Relations and Estimates Team

Gabriella combines her passion for curating information and her love of numbers to analyze global patent requirements. She creates methods for her team to provide detailed cost estimates. Gabriella has a varied background including corporate libraries, project management, document control, and technical writing.

Gaby Helfand
Administrative Assistant

Gaby's role is to research and reach out to potential members. She ensures quality assurance processes are implemented and supports the account executives.

In her free time, Gaby likes recreational sewing and hiking with her husband and dog.

Gizem Bayer
Case Manager

Gizem is an IP professional with extensive experience advising on Trade Mark and Patent enforcement. She has been in the intellectual property industry since 2008. Before joining Azami, she was working as a CITMA-qualified paralegal and a Turkish-qualified lawyer.
In her spare time, Gizem likes to spend time with her family.

Guidon Mendoza
IT, Team Manager

Guidon is an experienced Electronic Engineer with years of experience in Project management.
He has a special talent for looking into new technologies and supports the company also with tech support making sure everyone works efficiently on their end

Hannah Bacharach
Controller, Finance Team Lead

Hannah joined Azami 3 years ago as Controller of the finance department. She provides our members with friendly and prompt service while managing the efficiency of the department as accounts have grown.

In her free time, she enjoys staying active and running after her young children.

Hillel Kovacs
R&D Team Lead

Hillel's role is to lead the software development of new features and enhancements while maintaining existing applications to ensure the operations team can work effectively and efficiently.

In his off time, Hillel enjoys programming.

Ilana Jacob
Business Development Representative

Ilana’s responsibilities include analyzing and introducing prospective members to the company. She also assists the account executives by facilitating commercial discussions.

When Ilana is not working, she enjoys going to the park with her family and friends.

Jarret Liberman
Product Line Manager

Jarret's role is to build, monitor, and enhance the annuity systems used for all intellectual property types. He is vital to our data integrity.
He helps our clients get the best customer experience related to the systems and he works closely with our team members to create the most efficient workflows for them.

Jeremy Goldberg
Board Member

Jeremy has nearly 20 years of experience in legal services. He has been a driving force in successfully building up several legal services companies throughout his career having a massive impact on the industry.

He loves fundraising for local charities and is an avid ice hockey player.

Jessica Law
Case Manager

Jessica has over a decade of experience supporting clients in successfully navigating patent and trademark filings worldwide.
In her free time, she loves to read and practice yoga.

Jody Parente
Product & QA Manager

Jody manages the development and QA effort for Azami’s OmniPatent portal including planning new features and implementing improvements.

Jody enjoys logic and math puzzles and one of her favorite books is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

Joel Jerozolim
Chairman of the Board

Joel continuously identifies market changes and cutting-edge opportunities to serve our members and bring them the most up-to-date IP management tools.

In his spare time, Joel enjoys spending time with his children and trying to squeeze in some tennis!

Lauren Pick
Board Member

Lauren's role is to shape, drive and implement Azami's broader vision. Her passion for growth, learning, and ensuring that business contributes to society, are values she shares with and fosters within Azami.

Lauren is a mother of five, an avid reader, and a yogi.

Lavi Or
Business Development Representative

Lavi’s responsibilities include analyzing and introducing prospective members to the company.
He also assists the account executives by facilitating commercial discussions.
He likes travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Leila Grotsky
Member Success

Leila is responsible for ensuring the satisfaction and success of Azami's Members and assisting them with their filing goals. Leila acts as a point of contact for customers, helping to address their concerns and ensure that they are making the most of Azami's products or services.
Leila finds pleasure in spending quality time with her loved ones, savoring a cup of coffee, and indulging in outdoor activities

Maxine Levittt
Office Manager

Maxine has held various administrative and support positions throughout her career and understands the importance of leveraging the office function as a tool for enhancing an exceptional employee experience.

In her free time, Maxine loves to drink coffee, enjoys discovering new, quaint coffee shops and is an avid Formula One, and Soccer \ Football fan.

Maya Noach
Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Maya has always been passionate about working with people. As a Talent Acquisition Recruiter, her role is to find the best people for the job, and help them find their place in the company. She believes recruitment is key to the success of the overall business.

Melanie Ogorek
Finance Specialist

Melanie spent 11 years as a manager of new accounts in the insurance industry. In the last three years, Melanie has gained detailed knowledge of the multi-faceted patent industry.

Melanie enjoys baking pastries for family and friends and believes you can have your cake and eat it too!

Melba Sanders
Team Lead
Case Management

Melba's role as Senior Case Manager at Azami is to provide our clients with the highest quality of professionalism, efficiency, and timely processing of their patents and trademarks.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, travel, shop and has a flair for fashion and interior design.

Michal Barnes
Vendor Relations Specialist

Michal is a dedicated Vendor Relations Specialist, having a pivotal role in ensuring our company forges strong partnerships with vendors that deliver competitive prices and exceptional services.

Michal finds joy in camping and unwinding with a cup of tea and a good book.

Michelle Gordon
Team Lead
Case Management

Michelle is an IP professional with a passion for creating global links between client and associate. She has been in the patent industry since 2011. Before working at Azami, she held positions at a leading high-tech company and a large global biotech company.

Michelle Sommers
Member Success Manager, (EMEA)

Michelle is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over 7 years of experience in the IP industry. She is passionate about developing long-standing relationships with our members.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her kids and curling up with a good book.

Miriam Last
Vice President
Human Resources

Miriam’s role is to ensure that we hire the right talent and take the time to nurture and develop that talent. Our people are our greatest asset and our HR team is an essential partner in ensuring that the Azami employee experience is the best that it can be.

Molly Flamholz
Finance Specialist

Molly's role is to handle all financial matters related to renewals.
She helps our clients with all financial questions and ensures that our vendors are paid on time. Molly is an expert on a pogo ball.

Moshe Cohen
IT Helpdesk/QA

Moshe started as an intern during the summer of '21 and has continued with us to provide after-hours internal tech support. He is also a new addition to our QA team.

Moshe plays Chess at club level.

Naomi Kohn
Member Success Manager (EMEA)

Naomi Kohn has degrees in psychology and Education but has focused the last 6 years working in IP. She is devoted to our EP member firms delighting them consistently with tailored services.

Naomi enjoys time with her family, traveling, playing basketball, and running.

Naomi Sudranski
Case Manager

Naomi is a paralegal extraordinaire. Her vast experience was built over the last 20 years working in the legal services industry. Since joining Azami's case management team, she has expanded her legal knowledge base to include intellectual property.

Nathan Essers
Account Manager

Nathan thrives on offering white-glove service to our corporate members and helping them achieve their IP goals. Just ask and Nathan will move mountains to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Nathan Waintman
PPC Specialist

Nathan is in charge of building Azami’s new paid marketing efforts. Besides for managing paid marketing, he writes content and does analysis. Nathan also aids with developing, implementing, and executing marketing strategy.
When he isn’t working, he is probably going for a walk or reading or doing both at the same time.

Rachel Raymond
Renewals Case Manager

Rachel works with her team to facilitate trademark renewals successfully and in a timely manner, across the globe. In her spare time she enjoys traveling with her family, reading and trying exotic foods.

Rebecca Allen
Business Development Representative

Rebecca introduces potential new members to the company and helps maintain existing clients.
She believes in perseverance and the power of a friendly conversation.
Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her free time.

Reuben Berman
Member Success Manager (Americas), Team Lead

Reuben manages some of Azami's largest and most active North American firms, helping them maximize their relationship with Azami Global. As Team Lead for the Member Success team, Reuben ensures smooth and efficient internal processes for Azami.

At 6' 6", he's always eager for a game of basketball!

Reuben Solomon
Member Success Manager (APAC)

Reuben manages our APAC clients. With 20+ years of global experience from startups to Fortune 500 companies, he assists clients to see the value of working with Azami's suite of services.

Rochel Taragin
Finance Specialist

Rochel is a valued asset on the finance team. She helps to ensure all is running smoothly and our financial responsibilities are taken care of.

In addition to making sure the lights in the office stay on, Rochel enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as much as possible.

Sahar Imra
IT Support Specialist

Sahar is an experienced IT specialist and has an interest in network systems and cyber security. In his spare time, he love playing chess and spending time with his family.

Seth Eckhaus
Revenue Operations Analyst

Seth’s role is to oversee the processes in the revenue department and develop new strategies for maximizing revenue growth. He works to maintain the accuracy of data within the sales team to help make data driven decisions.

In his spare time, Seth likes to spend time with his family, play guitar, and cook.

Sharon Hyams
Renewals Case Manager

Sharon's role is to keep our data updated and accurate. She is an integral part of the operations team and supplies them with back-end technical support. She takes pride in her 'behind the scenes' work.

Shimon Nonin
Renewals Operations Specialist

Shimon is responsible for verifying and updating data in the database system.
He hopes that his knowledge of 4 languages will help him be in good contact with Azami's associates and clients and by that means help the company develop.
In his spare time Shimon enjoys travelling with his family, reading, listening to music, and meeting his friends.

Soshia Becker
Administrative Assistant

Soshia is responsible for data entry and other administrative tasks in our Operations department. Her role involves collaborating with Sales, Estimates, and Case Management teams, and maintaining the company knowledge-base.
Soshia is a major Disneyphile and has been to Disney parks around the world several times!

Suzan Hammer
Finance Specialist

Suzan plays a crucial role on the finance team. She is dedicated and responsive.

In her free time, Suzan continues to learn new skills and enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

Tanya Cohen
Vice President
Account Management

Tanya enjoys collaborating across all departments to provide our members with a delightful experience. She also explores technologies and processes to improve the experience further.

Tanya has a black belt in Karate and teaches classes in self-empowerment through martial arts to at-risk youth.

Tova Ioschikhes
Revenue Operations Analyst

Tova's role is to oversee all of the processes in the revenue department.

She works hard to ensure a seamless handshake between closing a sale and handoff to the operations team in order to deliver an amazing client experience. In her free time, Tova likes to cook and bake.

Yafit Hirsch
Vendor Relations Specialist

Yafit ensures that the vendors we partner with are providing competitive prices and quality service. Yafit works with the vendors to foster productive long-term relationships and identify additional partnership opportunities.
Yafit loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys a good chocolate bar.

Yoel Halachmi
Marketing Manager

Yoel's role is to maintain avenues that keep Azami's audience connected within the digital world.
Yoel's main focuses include branding, social media, marketing, PR, and visual storytelling.

Yofiel Jacob
Renewals Operations Specialist

Yofiel offers the team a wealth of experience and knowledge. He works hard to deliver the finest service available to customers.
He does all possible for his family and clients leaving no stone unturned.
In his free time, Yofiel enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and working out.

Zeev Steinlauf
Senior Account Executive,
Law Firm Solutions

Zeev works on expanding international operations from small seed teams to major business contributors at scale and is a proven business growth leader.
He has a visionary leadership style with a disciplined focus on sales execution and operational excellence. In his spare time, he practices cross-fit and is an avid traveller.

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