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Patent Searches

Search for prior art, freedom to operate, patent landscape and other essential searches to ensure you are well informed regarding all aspects of your technology portfolio and competition.

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Trademark Searches

Search for marks in relevant jurisdictions around the world and receive local legal analysis of relevant results.

Design Searches

Ensure that your design does not infringe on existing registrations, and receive professional advice to help you decide on areas to pursue or avoid.

Legal Translations

Our certified legal translations are performed by legal experts, and can be tailored to your needs, taking into account the legal services and scope required, as well as support in multiple jurisdictions.

Invoice Analysis and Cost Management

Azami helps you manage your IP costs, reducing overall spend, improving quality and creating room in the IP budget for added worldwide protection.

Utility Model Filings

Let us help you to take advantage of rules in specific countries where utility models provide protection while requiring compliance with less stringent requirements.

Direct Paris Convention Filings

Our network provides straightforward and manageable filings based on the Paris Convention, ensuring that your intellectual works are protected around the world wherever you do business.

PCT National Phase Entries

Save time and resources by filing your national or regional phase entry through the world’s largest patent filing network. Benefit from our global reach and unparalleled service.

European Validations

Utilize our network to help you streamline the EP validation process, creating simplified filings that fit with your workflow

Design Filings

Designs are a strategic part of many IP portfolios, and Azami protects your design worldwide throughout its entire lifecycle, beginning by ensuring proper filing procedures in the right jurisdictions.

Trademark Filings

File your mark in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled and that the trademark filing process and multiple regulations do not impede your entry into desired markets.

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Paralegal Services

Need more help? Our expert paralegals can manage specific tasks or your entire IP administration in a cost-effective manner – on your platform or ours.

Innovation Financing

We not only make it easier to develop and maintain your IP, we fund these essential services as well. If cash-flow is an issue, Azami will deliver funds to ensure that you can implement your global IP strategy.


Maintain your trademark portfolio across the world through changing legal requirements. Azami is truly your partner to guarantee brand protection everywhere you do business.

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Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark Renewals

Your IP defines your products, and local regulations regarding IP renewals are distinct and complex. Azami navigates those rules for you for maximum protection around the world.

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Update the details of your IP assets in all countries where you have a presence with our streamlined recordal service, allowing for ease of use in a complex legal environment.

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Were your IP rights unintentionally lost? We will navigate the rules of different jurisdictions and standards of care required to reinstate your intellectual property to the maximum extent possible in relevant countries.


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