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At Azami, our network’s priorities are aligned. We are committed to enabling firms to put their clients first, while maintaining maximal efficiency. We remove administrative obstacles and provide an integrated service that delivers results.

With Azami as your partner, you’ll have a single point of contact who is strategically placed to facilitate and optimize your client’s global IP needs. The simplified, customized process not only saves you time and cost, it ensures that your client’s IP rights are in the secure hands of dedicated and capable experts.


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Use the network for pre-filing, filing and prosecution, post-filing services and as a general resource for navigating the complexities of international IP formalities.


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Let us take on the burden of foreign regulations so you and your people can concentrate on your areas of expertise, adding value for your clients.


Quality Assurance

Azami recognizes the supreme importance of protecting Intellectual Property and consistently ensuring the highest quality from conception to grant and beyond. As such, Azami has undertaken several measures to maintain consistent quality.


All patent translations are overseen by member associates who take responsibility for the prosecution. All translations are subject to third-party review ensuring that our quality standards are upheld.


Azami’s in-house case management team have extensive experience with all stages of the IP life cycle and are well-positioned to coordinate even the most complex cases. In transmitting documents to our members, they provide a streamlined approach that keeps the process simple and easy to navigate.


Azami's network relies on proprietary software engineered specifically for tracking formalities in multiple jurisdictions. We successfully coordinate thousands of IP functions each year!


Data Security

Azami utilizes data security measures developed by leading security companies to keep your data safe, and to ensure that your business continues to function, no matter what the future may bring.

Cutting Edge Platform

Our cutting edge platform ensures that those matters entrusted to us will never be missed. Give the headache of tracking, remembering and paying filings, fees, annuities and more over to Azami, and focus on what you do best.

Full Compliance

We give firms peace of mind, knowing that we fully comply with the same confidentiality and ethical standards to which they are subject.



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