Driven by Innovation

Throughout the patenting process and during the course of product development, the need to conduct different types of patent searches becomes vital.

Azami provides searches at all stages of innovation that aid in areas of R&D, patent drafting, competitive intelligence and more. 

Patent search types

Max. file size: 800 MB.

Background Information

Background information related to the technology of the invention, as well as known relevant prior art, inventors or assignees.


Invention description, including indicating the essential inventive aspects of the invention. Drawings or pictures that would assist in understanding the details of the invention should be pasted below or included as a separate file


Relevant search terms that could be used as synonyms when describing the important features of the invention.

Patent Search Report Disclaimer

Azami Global maintains that the resources that are used for conducting prior art searches and for preparing its search reports and any analysis work contained therein are well suited for each requested search.

The search report is prepared based on searches conducted using search terms and other descriptive terminology extracted from the material supplied to us. The search is conducted using databases and information sources that are believed to be reliable. However, because of possible human error, publication delays, the accuracy and availability of machine translations, the subjective nature of such searches and possible incomplete material supplied to us, we cannot guarantee that our search reports are correct, complete or up to date.

None of the elements contained in the search report constitutes legal or business advice. The search report is for informational purposes only.

Technology Areas

 Our searches cover all areas of technological innovation
with teams that work closely together on multidisciplinary searches.






Information Technology



Why Search with Azami?

Quality Searches

Our search process utilizes multiple measures to ensure results with high value.

Collaborative technology search teams.

3-step iterative process (keywords only, classification codes only, then combination).

Quality reviews after each stage.

Comprehensive Searches

We leave no stone unturned, selecting relevant databases depending on the technology and regions of interest.

Including both Patent documents (applications and granted patents) and Non-Patent literature.

Subscriptions to multiple search engines, e.g Questel Orbit, Derwent Innovation, PatSeer, etc.

Highly Experienced Professionals

All searches are performed by technical experts with years of professional IP searching experience.

Team leads include former USPTO patent examiner, former USPTO STIC Search specialist, PhD scientist, and other various advanced degrees.

Each team member has 8+ years of IP searching experience (some many more years).

Search department headed by a patent attorney with 15+ years of IP searching experience.

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