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Fully vetted Member firms that will go the extra “nautical” mile even when the local rules change!

The Challenge

To get comprehensive protection in Tanzania, the Applicant needs to file in both Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Both the regions have separate Intellectual Property systems and separate applications need to be prepared and filed. In the past, an application filed in Tanganyika could be extended to Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. However, now the IP system requires us to file in both of these jurisdictions – separately.  

Our Approach

Our fully vetted member firm in Tanzania let us know that to file in Zanzibar, one needs to physically travel via boat [around 4 -5 hours] to the Patent office and that they would do this on the client’s behalf. Upon arrival to complete this filing, they found that the Zanzibar Patent Office was out of electricity and stayed in Zanzibar for a day to get the application filed prior to the deadline.

The Result

Full protection in Tanzania!

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