Communication Tools for Your Intellectual Property Firm


Communication Tools for Your Intellectual Property Firm

Clear communication is the “Red Thread” for a truly successful business. Smaller law firms may be ok relying on email and phones, but for larger firms with more clients and staff, these basic communication lines may not be enough. Fortunately, there are excellent communication tools available that can help you streamline your business and more effectively connect with clients and partners. 

Video Communication:

Video conferencing has made a major impact on communications. When we use video in our calls, we’re able to have clearer communication through physical cues. Almost any video chat service worth its salt will also have screen sharing, allowing you to show someone exactly what is on your computer, and will also have presentation features that enable the use of visual aids. 

There are a wealth of great video chat services available, and it is important to research which one works best for you, but among the most popular are:


Skype for Business



Scheduling Services

In a busy office, having a secretary schedule and arrange every meeting, whether in-person or over video, can be less than effective. New tools enable people interested in setting up a meeting to create timetables in which they are available and allow the other party to choose the time that works for them. These services can eradicate the need to go back and forth trying to find a time for everyone. 

Popular appointment scheduling services include:



Acuity Scheduling


Chat Services

Sometimes you just need a quick answer from one of your coworkers. Internal communications often don’t require a full phone call or meeting in person. Chat services are an evolution of the old chat rooms and SMS, allowing users to send quick text-based messages to each other. These services allow you to send messages privately, or form a group chat for your entire team. A bonus to these is that they can easily be used both on the computer and through a mobile app.

Popular chat services include:

Google Hangouts Chat



Troop Messenger

Multi-Communication Systems

When looking into upgrading your firm’s communication services, something to consider is that many of these services are in fact multi communication systems. This means that the service you are purchasing includes multiple methods of contacting someone. As you may have noticed above, Slack is on two of those lists, and Google Hangouts Chat is a part of the Google Suite which can also be used for video conferencing, email and even virtual phones. Other, non-communication services related to productivity are also included in some of these. It’s important to do your research and see which will fit your firm the best. 



Limitations of AI in Patent Searching

While AI has transformed various industries, its application in patent searching has limitations. Initial search results are often inaccurate, requiring human intervention to refine them. Additionally, AI tools often lack access to non-patent literature, posing a risk in comprehensive searches.

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