Introducing Azami Global

New IP Trends Driving Change in Global IP Management

Join us for a Webinar on March 1st where we will discuss best practices in managing large and complex portfolios in diverse jurisdictions while navigating challenging budgets and focusing on global value creation.

Change is everywhere for IP decision-makers, and they are looking for the evolution of innovative and cost-conscious IP solutions that provide global understanding, local expertise, data-driven insights and digital tools that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Azami Global conducted insights in 2021 which combines global survey data with qualitative insights from law firm IP and in-house specialists. Our panel will discuss the key findings: 


Global IP Trends

  • Increase in R&D spend is driving innovation.
  • IP filings are up despite a challenging pandemic.
  • IP budgets are not increasing at the same rate.


Top concerns of corporations and law firms

  • Budget management and profitability are top concerns among IP leaders.
  • Managing global partnerships effectively.
  • Building a high-quality IP portfolio efficiently.


We will share Azami Global’s perspective and how we have tackled these issues and developed best practices for our global members.


About Azami Global: Choice IP and The PCT Network joined forces to create a powerful new IP services provider, Azami Global. Choice IP and The PCT Network are two of the world’s leading networks for IP professionals. Their unique models have each proven to be disruptive forces within the industry and have captured attention and broad market share.

Azami Global is now the single largest network of IP professionals in the world, offering its members both expanded global reach and in-depth, local knowledge supported by innovative tools and services.

Tuesday | 1 March

9:00 AM EST | 2:00 UK PM | 4:00 PM IL

The Panel

Lauren Pick

Azami Global

Daniel Tjoernelund

Chief Revenue
Officer Azami Global

Sharon Meyer

Managing Director
Azami Global


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