Azami's Spotlight on Life Sciences webinar:
Filing Patents in India

Making Foreign Filing Predictable in an Unpredictable World

Companies bringing their healthcare and life science innovations to the far reaches of the world need trustworthy partners who can assist them in navigating the nuances and demands of the patent process.

Azami Global has carefully vetted, recruited and tested highly specialized life science patent attorneys.

Over the years, we have invested in this niche market and formed a “dream team” that handles some of the most interesting, complex and enriching subject matter and inventions.

Durgesh Mukharya, Partner, K&S Partners
Durgesh focuses his practice on patent prosecution and opinion matters, with particular emphasis on the Life Science sector. His areas of expertise include biotechnology biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, biopharmaceuticals, genetic engineering healthcare products, medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

What you’ll learn?

– Overview of Life Sciences patenting in India
– Specific Issues relative to India:
Inventive Step Requirements
Subject Matter Eligibility
Claim Amendments in India
– Overcoming obstacles

The Panel


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