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Celebrating Azami Global's Top 100 of 2021
We are honored to recognize the law firms and purpose-driven leaders who have not only navigated their...

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Patent Filing Litigations Continue to Increase Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic
Looking back at the past decade, in 2013, filings of patent lawsuits in the United States were at an...

Azami Global

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Azami Press Release
Choice IP and The PCT Network join forces to create a new IP service provider: Azami Global [New York,...

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Getting the Most from Medical-Use Claims in Australia
Australia stands apart from many other key jurisdictions in allowing first and second medical use claims...

Dr Sarah Hennebry

FPA Patent Attorneys
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Plausibility and Undue Burden: A New Look at Insufficiency after FibroGen v Akebia
FibroGen Inc. v Akebia Therapeutics Inc. and another company; Astellas Pharma Inc. v Akebia Therapeutics...

Paul Harris

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Patent Examination Practice for Novelty in the Field of Life Sciences in China
When evaluating the novelty of claims in life sciences and pharmaceutical, compared with EPO, the examination...

Guohua Tang and Qianhui Yang

Watson & Band
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Notes to Patent Drafters: Common Issues with Broad Specifications in Canada
The Canadian Patent Act imposes an unyielding relationship between the requirement for a written...

Ted Yoo and Krishen Singh

Bennet Jones LLP
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Prosecution Pathway for Pharma & Bio Patents in India
Prosecution pathway for pharma & bio patents in india – part 1 The Indian pharmaceutical industry,...

Gaurav Mishra

BananaIP Counsels
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Looking to Science for Food Security Solutions
Considering the IP and Legal Implications of Gene Editing Global food security is increasingly challenging...

Chyreene Truluck

Spoor & Fisher, South Africa
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How to Focus on Small Molecules in Written Description and Enablement
Korean practice is quite strict, with respect to requirements for claiming small molecules, which are...

Sunhee Kim

Muhann Patent & Law Firm
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