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Join the many corporations who trust Azami to take care of their patent renewals.
  • Efficient IP maintenance
  • Tailored services by country and transparent fees
  • A global network of law firms
  • The reliability of a full-service provider
  • Easy to use web-based app

What Does Azami Offer?

Efficient IP Maintenance and Patent Portfolio Management

Let us help you navigate the complexities of patent annuity, renewal, and maintenance with our centralized platform providing you with the tools and resources needed to efficiently handle IP maintenance and patent portfolio management. 

Tailored Patent Renewal Services by Country

Our platform offers a country-specific approach to patent renewal, providing you with tailored services and expert guidance for each jurisdiction, ensuring your patents remain in force and well-protected.

Transparent Patent Renewal Fees and Streamlined Payments

Transparent and clear competitive pricing for our services. A straightforward fee structure for patent renewal and a streamlined payment process that ensures ease and efficiency. 

Reliable Patent Renewal Provider

A proven track record of delivering efficient and dependable patent renewal solutions. An experienced team that understands the legal intricacies of patent maintenance ensuring your valuable intellectual property assets are protected worldwide.

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Don't let renewals become a hassle. Experience the power of Azami's International Renewal Platform and take control of renewals with ease.

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